Free Singles Chat Rooms – Matched on Compatibility

Most individuals who would seek out a singles chat site seek the exposure of the internet to widen their dating horizons, yet also seek the intimacy of private chat.

The best way to strike this careful balance is to maximize the pool of potential suitors on the back-end while transparently providing the perfect match to the end-user on the front end.

A conventional approach would be to allow many users to congregate in mass chat rooms, and funnel out community members who they might be interested in on their own. This conventional approach is not sensitive to the needs of the dating world, though, because it undermines intimacy.

Instead, as proposed, it becomes clear that community members must be recommended to one another automatically, so that intimacy is preserved and users are less boredom prone since the fellow community members who they were clearly incompatible with have been removed from their pool already.

This also applies across interest groups, meaning that anyone wanting to chat for any purpose, beyond just dating, such as those just wanting to talk about something, or those incredibly bored, would benefit from such a toolset.

Yet, mass communication between friends and community members is still a plus. For this reason a site should include a forum. Forums feel less intimidating to individuals because the responses need not be in real time. This compartamentalizes the two experiences, allowing a website to wrap them both up as one service while preserving, still, the intimacy of the chat, and the positive experience over all for the end user.